Art, Science and Health MA programme

In conclusion of the fifteen-month long project, on 2 June our Art Education Department hosted a presentation of the design of the new, interdisciplinary, graduate-level study programme - Art, Science and Health. Initiated in the challenging, (post)pandemic period, this study programme aims to intensify the role of the contemporary, artistic research, art pedagogy, and experimental art practices within the framework of health-oriented humanities. The Art, Science and Health MA programme is first of its kind developed within the Erasmus Mundus Design Measures framework.

Starting from February 2022, three higher education institutions from Croatia, Greece and Serbia, together with the NGO from Croatia, will be co-designing and testing the new, interdisciplinary MA programme titled “Art, Science and Health”. ASH MA programme aims to propose a novel dimension within the field of health humanities directed towards exploring, re-imagining and defining the contribution of contemporary art in social wellness and well-being.

With the support of EU through the Erasmus Mundus Design Measures lot, in the following fifteen months the University of Zagreb, Academy of Fine Arts [Croatia], the Ionian University, Department of Audio and Visual Arts [Greece], the Singidunum University, Faculty of Media and Communications [Serbia] and the NGO Kontejner [Croatia] will be working together to create a completely new, two-year-long, international MA programme with the purpose to intensify the role of art research and practice in health humanities and to critically re-think the social, environmental, philosophical, economical and biological concept of health in its broadest sense. ASH MA programme aims to delve into both current and future state of thought-provoking thematic areas such as health technologies, ageing and disability issues, environmental sustainability, human and non-human agencies, scientific well-being challenges as well as historical and cultural role of practices such as ritual, placebo, recipes and anatomic imaging. Initiating ASH as a socially and internationally relevant MA programme, methodologically based in practice, theory, transdisciplinary approach and cross-sectoral cooperation, the consortium of partners aims to foster a strong multi-dimensional approach to the complex thematic framework. ASH MA programme will engage wide array of experts and associate institutions while supporting interaction as well as professional and personal development of students, scientists, scholars, academics and collaborators involved in the process.