view from Ilica Street (facing West)


backside of the building

interior of the first floor

view from Ilica Street (facing East)


University of Zagreb and Croatian Architects' Association (CAA) have announced the results of the architectural and urban competition for the Art Gallery of Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb – ALUARTFORUM. During the international competition, which lasted from 27 January to 31 March 2014, 121 applications were submitted in accordance with the regulations. The jury was composed of professor Bojan Baletić (vice-rector of University of Zagreb), professor Peruško Bogdanić (dean of Academy of Fine Arts), professor Slavomir Drinković (Academy of Fine Arts), professor Dražen Juračić (Faculty of Architecture), professor Veljko Oluić (Faculty of Architecture), architect Svebor Andrijević, and professor Francisco Mangado (Escuela de Arquitectura, Universidad de Navarra).

The first prize was awarded to the work entered under number 024 - Multiplan architects d.o.o., Ljubljana, Slovenia (Ales Žnidaršič, Katja Žlajpah), DAR 612 d.o.o., Zagreb, Croatia (Andrea Donatović Poljičak) and associates Gašper Fabijan, Vesna Vraničar, Jan Jazbec (visualization), Jože Oblak (energy concept).

The ALUARTFORUM will be located in Ilica 85, between the two buildings typical of the Lower Town.The project is composed of a fully glazed ground section (in which the gallery space will be situated), a terrace which will be built above the gallery space, and the upper floors in the form of a massive white cube that visually floats above the ground floor. The facade towards Ilica Street seems monumental, austere and restrained. The entrance to the building, a spiral ramp leading to the first floor, will be located in the backside, facing the park of the Academy. In addition to the gallery space, the main feature of the building, the lecture halls, a café and a shop are also planned. With this successful contemporary interpolation into the old Lower Town, City of Zagreb will gain a valuable architectural and urban content and a new cultural focal point which will revitalize the main street west of British Square.