TRANSFORM 2014, a joint exhibition of the works of six institutions of higher art education of South-eastern Europe, organised by National University of Arts in Bucharest, was opened on 5 June 2014 at the Constantin Brancusi exhibition hall of the Romanian Parliament palace.

The exhibition includes the artwork of assistants at Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, Igor Čabraja, Igor Ruf, Ivan Fijolić, Maja Rožman, Marina Bauer, Miran Šabić, Sonja Vuk, Vojin Hraste, and Darko Masnec. On hand for the 5 June gala opening of the exhibition were dean, professor Peruško Bogdanić, vice dean for international and inter-university cooperation, associate professor Robert Šimrak, custodian of the Croatian segment of the exhibition, senior assistant Enes Quien, and assistants Igor Ruf, Igor Čabraja and Vojin Hraste.

Organised alongside the art exhibition was an international scientific symposium on "Art in Education / Education in Art" at which senior assistant Enes Quien held a lecture on the topic of "About the Academy of Fine Arts of the University of Zagreb".

The exhibition and the symposium are a continuation of a long-term collaboration project among institutions of higher art education of South-eastern Europe launched in Istanbul in 2009, organised this year as part of the programme of the formal celebration of the one hundred fiftieth anniversary of the founding of National University of Arts in Bucharest. Joining the programme organisers and ALU Zagreb in this year's incarnation of the project were Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University in Istanbul, Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana, National Academy of Art in Sofia and Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.