Painting Department

Undergraduate university studies of painting are based on a tradition of expression in painting, which involves and includes the adoption of painting skills with the aim of their application in the individual artistic work. 

The study begins with drawing disciplines, observing nature, students will learn how to apply knowledge of anatomy in drawing the human body regarding the structure, function and movement. In the second year students start painting with an emphasis on the development of quality in the tonal coloristic concept, exercises with composition, light-shadow relationships, balance, contrast, rhythm, harmony, as well as the introduction of color theory.

In the third year of studies students, according to personal selection, choose a painting class under the guidance of a mentor, leader of the class, continue to adopt the techniques and technologies developing personal artistic preferences, and a preferred artistic expression. Students are trained to express and articulate in a stylistic way the content of the created work.

The fourth year of study, also under the supervision of a mentor, is a study work on the resume of   fields of personal artistic expression of students and this acquired knowledge and skills will then need to be used in the summary of their study, the realization of the final thesis.

The program of painting studies consists of an undergraduate program that lasts four years (eight semesters) during which 240 credits are awarded. After completing the undergraduate study, the university degree of Bachelor (baccalareus/baccalaurea) of Painting is obtained.

The program of the fifth year of studies focuses on gathering results within art research and their presentation. The emphasis in the work of students is the raising of awareness of personal criteria in the creation of works and its contextualization in the corpus of contemporary art and culture of its environment. Upon completion of the four-year study (which is composed of a series of practical and theoretical courses), the student has developed in such a way that he can carry out independent research in his artistic work. This depends on the preferences of the students and possibly a multidisciplinary artistic work. Numerous practical exercises are carried out chosen independently or in agreement with the mentor. The graduate is able to participate in the realization of various projects of a wider spectrum ( graphic , set design , multimedia as well as collaborate on artistic architectural projects ) , and in an oral and written form elaborate his own thesis , and has been prepared, in accordance with personal preferences / ambitions, for further specialist or doctoral programs. The graduate study is completed with the preparation and presentation of the final thesis as an independent art project, and the presentation implies articulated and defined presentation both in theoretical and practical parts of the elaboration of the work.

Graduate studies last one year (two semesters) during which 60 ECTS credits are awarded. Upon completion of graduate studies the academic title of Master of Painting is obtained.