Art Education Department 

The Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb was established in 1907 , when the departments of painting and sculpture and the department of candidates-teachers  of  drawing start working, the latter to become the Art Education Department.

The Art Education Department organizes studies of visual culture that is performed at two levels : a three-year undergraduate and two-year graduate level studies . The studies are carried out in collaboration with the Department of Art History , University of Zagreb .

The study of visual culture, in addition to painting, sculpture , graphics , applied graphics and new media , also includes an extensive program of art history and art theory , as well as psychological-- pedagogical and didactic group of subjects with appropriate exercises . The aim is, through a practical and theoretical work, modern approach, means and methods, to educate artists / teachers who, after completing undergraduate and graduate studies start to work and act in the broad field of visual culture and fine arts, and are able to connect their own artistic practice and education.

With its unique multidisciplinary approach the Art Education Department is a "small academy in itself ", successfully combining the fields of art, culture , education and other forms of social , scientific and artistic work and research .

Lectures of undergraduate and graduate studies of visual culture take place in – classes/ateliers and workshops in buildings of the Academy of Fine Arts- Jabukovac 10 and Ilica 85, and the other components of the University of Zagreb (Faculty of Arts), as well as through organized field teaching.