Animation and New Media Department

You can also become a student of the Department of Animation and New Media.

Department of Animation and New Media is the newest department at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. It is unique in that it encourages parallel mastering of classic animation techniques and introduction to the techniques of new media and contemporary art practice. 

Since our department is a young one, in accordance with the belief that no artistic activity or discipline is static, nor can occur enclosed within itself, the curriculum of the course is in a continuous process of creation, improvement and upgrading. Our goal is not only to educate a new generation of contemporary writers and artists, but also a new generation of cultural workers. 

As part of the study program the department continuously maintains a direct contact with galleries, artists, curators and theorists, and tries to bring closer the field of contemporary art to students. Talks and guided exhibition tours for the department were among others held by:

  • Elke Krasny
  • Damir Bartol Indoš
  • Dalibor Martinis
  • Dora Baras
  • Thompson & Craighead
  • Naoko Takahashi
  • Sam Steer
  • Kalle Hamm
  • Ana Peraica
  • Dan Norton
  • Emina Kurtagić
  • Maja i Reuben Fowkes
  • Minna Henrikson
  • Samuel Dowd
  • Nevena Tudor / Supernova –contemporary geometrical abstractions, Gliptoteka
  • Nada Beroš / Criss Cross, MCA
  • Ivana Meštrov / Insert – retrospective of Croatian video art, MCA
  • Mladen Stilinović / The Room
  • Marcell Mars / Economy among us, Galerija Nova
  • David Maljković /These Days, Galerija Nova
  • Evelina Turković / In the first person, Galerija PM
  • Lala Raščić / Verbal/vocal, Galerija SC
  • Ahmet Ogut / Gallery Miroslav Kraljević
  • Kata Mijatović / BUK / Baranja Art Colony,Gallery Miroslav Kraljević
  • Minna L Henrikson/ Gallery Miroslav Kraljević

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