Conservation- Restoration Department  

The Study of Restoration and Conservation profiled as a broad interdisciplinary study of professional and general education classes, inheriting the tradition of the Academy based on artistic disciplines. Incorporating into the program of study good experiences of related studies in Europe, has combined the basic knowledge and skills of the profession aimed at preserving cultural heritage. A large number of former students of the Department successfully engaged in projects of public and private workshops, having fulfilled university criteria. Their example is a proof of necessity for qualified personnel who will participate in the restoration and preservation of cultural monuments.

"They can restore the splendor of youth, heal wounds, relieve disease, resurrect the dead, discover the forgotten, mingle with the saints and angels. Deity and the kingdom are daily in their hands. They are tender, because they deal with delicate matters. They possess a broad knowledge to make the right decisions. Are skilled, because they will sometimes scramble through scaffolding and climb the bell towers. Durable, because they will stand for hours or be bent over some artwork.

A restorer is a person who should unite scientists, artists, doctors, manual workers, acrobats, craftsmen and alchemists.

Great demands!"

(an extract from the speech by the dean of the Academy of Fine Arts Slavomir Drinković at the 10th anniversary of DCR in 2007)