Integrated undergraduate and graduate study of Conservation and Restoration  

The study of conservation and restoration of works of art is conceived as an integrated study for a period of five years (10 semesters) during which 300 credits are awarded. The study has two orientations: painting (R / P) and sculpture (R / S)

The purpose of this study is the education of professionals who will work on the restoration and conservation work.

Study subjects can be divided into several groups: a group of subjects from art disciplines (such as painting, drawing and sculpture), a group of subjects from technical and natural sciences, then the social sciences and humanities, as well as items from the area in the field of restoration of paintings, polychrome sculptures, wooden sculptures, stone and architectural sculpture, murals, etc.

 Through the educational process students develop artistic sensibilities and skills, and gain fundamental knowledge of materials, techniques and technologies (especially the artistic procedure). Students also master the scientific methodology of work to develop the ability to solve complex problems of restoration as an integrated process, using research and critical interpretation of research results.

Classes in the first two years consist of general art and science courses as well as courses in art history.

At the end of the second year the study program of conservation-restoration of works of art begins and is conducted through lectures, tutorials and seminars, and practice within workshops of the Department or in the field.

In the third and fourth year of study courses are aimed at the restoration needs of the profession. After the third year, students can assess the situation and determine the reasons for the changes in the works of art, acquire knowledge about the characteristics of the materials in restoration, they are able to present a program of restoration and conservation work, work in a team and participate in joint projects.

After the fourth year students know how to reconstruct defects in all layers of a work of art, independently run their own documentation and present conservation and restoration of a work of art.

The fifth year is totally dedicated to the restoration and conservation of works of art, and creation of the final thesis. Students assess the damage, plan, define and apply the necessary procedures, decide about analyzes.

After graduation, the student receives the academic title of Master of Art Restoration and Conservation.

Classes are held in the building of the Academy of Fine Arts at  Zamenhoffova  14 and Jabukovac  10, and through the practice of restoration on works of cultural heritage.