Postgraduate studies

In accordance with the Bologna process, postgraduate studies were established in the academic year. 2005/06  at the Academy of Fine Arts, with two doctoral studies "Sculpture" and "Graphic Arts" and two specialist programs "Little Plastic and Medalry". In 2007 the PhD program "Painting" was started as well. All studies were given the license of the Ministry of Science, Education and Sport. Total enrollment of the academic year 2011/12 amounted to 102 doctoral students and specialists, while those actively studying make a total of 64.

The Doctorate was defended by 4 doctoral students in the academic year 2011/12, a doctorate in painting and sculpture; mr. Meho Čausević, Mirjana Drempetić-Hanžić, Lucija Konda Labaš and Vanda Jurković, and one doctoral student in the academic year. 2012/13, a doctoral student of sculpture - Tihomir Matijević. The special study "Small plastic and Medalry" was completed by Luka Petrinjak in the academic year 2010/11  and Mia Vučić spec. of graphics  2010/11.

The program is held at the Academy of Fine Arts and, if necessary, in the university center Zvonimirova 8

The President of the Council of the PGS
professor Ante Rašić, Academic painter

Deputy of the president:
professor Jagor Bučan, Academic painter

Secretary of the studies:
Lidija Lovrić, dipl.iur

Doctoral studies, as the third cycle of higher education, are necessary in education to acquire the position of senior assistant and assistant professor, and as such is a necessary factor for continuing the academic career.

Upon completion of the study, which lasts for three academic years, and defending the dissertation no later than five years from the date of enrollment, the academic title (profession) is obtained.

Studies are  performed by 20 mentors and teachers permanently employed at  the Academy of Fine Arts and 10  associates, and an international expert advisor Johan Ligtvoet from the Netherlands.

The study has published a Handbook for doctoral studies, and started its own publishing activity.