Undergraduate studies of Painting

The studies last four years (8 semesters), which is awarded 240 ECTS credits.

The program of the first year of study covers all aspects of drawing, introduction to painting and mastering the basic concepts of fine arts, as well as exploring the possibilities of using different materials as carriers of paintings, and the reasons for their processing and selection. The drawing of the head and nude is related to the study of anatomy. The second year of study includes a number of logical and related tasks as a transitional phase between drawing and painting, first by using the monochromatic procedure, then by studying composition, contrast, and the theory of color, and their gradual implementation. The third and fourth year pay attention to the individual artistic expression and creativity. The student chooses a professor-head of the class, with whose help he builds his artistic profile. Students of the Painting Department master the basics of sculpture and graphics, as well as gain knowledge of art history and other theoretical subjects, and they are able to select from a range of elective courses.

After completing undergraduate studies, students obtain the academic title of a Bachelor (baccalaureus/baccalaurea) of Painting.

Students who wish to continue their studies can take the entrance examination for graduate studies at the Academy or at another higher education institution, in accordance with the conditions of the admission.