Undergraduate studies of Graphic Arts

The studies lasts four years (8 semesters), which is awarded 240 ECTS credits.

It is conceived as a combination of working with mentors in dynamic classes-ateliers and work in graphic workshops and in the framework of specific practical and theoretical subjects.

In the first year of study, students develop their drawing skills and expression through drawing portraits and nudes and by being introduced to anatomy, and are introduced into the medium of graphics through high technology and gravure printing.

In the second year of studies, within the program of main artistic subjects, students are introduced to and explore expressive possibilities of the art of graphics through procedures of surfical and screen printing.

After the second year of study, students opt for the professor-mentor who, as part of his program and taking into account their personal preferences, leads them through the development of their own artistic expression.

In addition to working on the major professional subjects, the further program of the study  includes more creative art subjects that are derived from the new graphic art practices of the past and the present century (digital printing, 3D graphic design, kinetic and spatial graphics and new photographic practices in graphic painting).

During the final year of study, students are trained to act in a contemporary art space and through  field work and participation in art projects, exhibitions, workshops and study tours.

Except for independent action in the field of art graphics, the study also trains them for action in all aspects of applied graphics, graphic design and visual communication (modern digital typography, illustration, comic, designing of web pages, desktop publishing, designing video games, etc.).

After completing undergraduate studies, students obtain the academic title of a Bachelor (baccalaureus/baccalaurea ) of  Graphic Painting.

Students who wish to continue their studies can take the entrance examination for graduate studies of Graphic Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, or a similar study at the same Academy or at another higher education institution, in accordance with the conditions of the admission.

The lectures of undergraduate studies of graphic painting take place in classes/ateliers and graphic workshops in the building of the Academy of Fine Arts in Ilica 85.