Undergraduate studies of Art Education

The studies last three years (six semesters), during which 180 ECTS credits are awarded. Upon completion of the undergraduate study, the academic title of Bachelor (baccalaureus / baccalaurea) of Art Education is obtained.

The specificity of the undergraduate studies of Art Education stems from the fact that it educates and encourages students to develop the ability of observation and artistic expression in all art media equally. It is a multidisciplinary study that, in addition to drawing, painting, sculpture, graphics and applied graphics, also includes an extensive program of art history and art theory, which is carried out by a joint program with the Department of Art History, Faculty of Philosophy. The study also includes a group of psychological subjects with appropriate exercises.

Acquired knowledge, understanding of artistic processes and aesthetic research, and the ability to connect personal art practice and training – all this prepares undergraduates for a free artistic practice and conduction of art workshops in a variety of cultural institutions such as cultural centers, museums and galleries.
Knowledge of the history of art and the ability to analyze a work of art on a formal and semantic level, understanding the social and cultural environment and the relationship between art, cultural theory and society - enable the undergraduates to perform professional activities of associates in cultural activities, tourism and media.

The study ends with the completion of the duties prescribed by the program of the study.

Continuation of the study: Students can take the entrance exam and continue their studies at the graduate level at the art academies, the Department of Art History of the Faculty of Philosophy, or any other similar higher education institution, in accordance with the prescribed conditions of the admission.