Undergraduate studies of Animation and New Media  

The studies last three years (six semesters), during which 180 ECTS credits are awarded.


1. year of study

In the first year of study a basic understanding of the major professional subjects is provided - classical animation, new artistic practices and drawing. Items from the animation introduce students  to the basics of classical animation and animated film history. Items from the new media are grouped under the name of Media practice. Lectures in media practice are carried out by working on their own project in which students choose and elaborate on one of the following topics, and acquire the skills of handling the camera, editing, sound processing, and others. Group analysis of completed tasks is the way that students from the very first year acquire skills to articulate their own procedures and comment on their work and the work of their colleagues.


2. year of studies

In the second year of studies students develop knowledge and get introduced to new techniques such as computer animation and a variety of experimental techniques. Professional subjects are held on a weekly basis, while certain subjects are combined into projects where students need to respond to the set topics such as, for example: the game, the public and regularity, spectator and spectacle, etc. The projects are being designed in collaboration with the professors of certain courses and external professional and artistic collaborators and institutions. Results of each project are exhibited and discussed in group seminars. At the end of the second year, students should have sufficient practical and theoretical knowledge, so that third-year students could create their own projects, or final works.


3. year of studies

In the third year, students are opting for the Animation module or module New Media. The Animation module gives students the opportunity to focus on mastering the techniques of animated film. Students undergo a series of courses which improve the knowledge gained in the first two years, and at the end of the third year create an animated film.

Students who choose the New Media module are included in the projects of the department, but they are expected to also organize activities within and outside the Department, independently hold exhibitions, projections, seminars. At least once a semester students present their work and their research project to colleagues. Through seminars and research projects, competences of critical observation of their and other people's work are gained, and the ability to articulate and contextualize their own practices. The study ends with the realization and defense of an articulate and well-rounded independent project.