Graduate studies of Graphic Arts

The studies last 1 year (2 semesters), during which 60 ECTS credits are awarded.

Graduate studies of Graphic Arts are based on developing a personal artistic expression of students through the exploration of new graphic expressions and new models of creation and presentation. This includes innovative approaches in the use of technology and work processes. Students are expected to place their work of art in a broader cultural context and in relation to social, environmental or ethical issues.

During their studies, students participate in individual or group consultations with the mentor, working in graphic workshops, with visiting artists and designers, as well as participating in national and international art projects. During graduate studies students acquire visual maturity, technical excellence and theoretical competence and knowledge for analytical judgment phenomena in contemporary graphic creativity and critical thinking of their own artistic expression

The graduate studies are completed with the preparation and creation of the final thesis- an independent creative project of the student.

Upon completion of graduate studies of Graphic Arts the academic title of Master of  Graphic Arts is obtained.


Lectures of undergraduate and graduate studies of Graphic Arts are held in classes/ateliers in the building of the Academy of Fine Arts in Ilica 85.