Graduate studies of Art Education, orientation: Teaching

The studies last two years (4 semesters), during which 120 ECTS credits are awarded.

Upon completion of graduate studies the student is given the title of Master of Art Education.

After mastering the fundamental aspects of all art disciplines at the undergraduate level and the development of creative abilities of artistic expression in a variety of artistic media, the student, at the beginning of graduate studies, opts for a major subject (painting, sculpture, graphics and applied graphics) and under the mentorship through individual consultation begins building his visual -artistic personality and places it in the context of artistic and cultural practice.

Through artistic practice, training, exposure and appropriate presentations of their work, the students confirm their personal artistic potential and are trained for independent artistic activity and affirmation of their own artistic expression.

At the same time the student is educated and trained to become a teacher of fine arts / art education in elementary schools, high schools and vocational schools. Through a special academic unit of graduate studies, a group of psychological- pedagogical and didactic courses with an emphasis on methodology of teaching art and methodology of teaching art history the  student is educated to use acquired knowledge and skills in the original design of the teaching process

This multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary formed study provides students with the possibility to strongly connect the theoretical aspects of the study with their own creative processes of visual and expressive practices.

In addition to training for working in educational institutions, students alsotrained for independent management of complex educational and curatorial projects within various cultural institutions or independent cultural and social scene. At the same time they are encouraged and prepared for lifelong education programs, and the artistic and scientific research in the field of art education, art therapy, art history, art theory and art practice.

Final thesis: The graduate study is completed by filling out all obligations, and the creation and defence of a final thesis. Graduate work is planned and carried out independently, under the mentorship of two major areas of vocational subjects: art and methodology. Students in the area of methodology can opt between methodics of teaching art or teaching methodology of art history. Each expert subject is led by to a special mentor.

Continuation of studies: Students can continue their studies on the postgraduate level at the Academy of Fine Arts, at the Faculty of Philosophy or other similar institutions of higher education.