Small-scale sculpture is sculpture that is formally defined by centimetres, and in reality with its very distinctive plastic organisation is unrepeatable in any other material and format, and implies a specific kind of sculptural expression – from the traditional understanding of the medal as transmitter of a message to avantgarde tendencies in sculpting.

We can track the history of medal-making and small-scale sculpture in Croatia in a continuity stretching from the first Ragusan medal-makers of the 15th century.

The systematic training of sculptors in this specific art discipline, however, dates only from 1918, when the medal-making course was included in the sculpture curriculum of the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb.

In 1966 the Small-Scale Sculpture and Medal-Making option was established in the Sculpture Department, the aim being to organise in the foreseeable future a two-year post-graduate course in which excellent, creative and technically highly-qualified sculpture specialists would be trained, meeting the standards of the increasingly technologically demanding contemporary creativity in the area of this sculptural discipline, also in line with the need for governmental and public institutions as well as specialised workshops.

The OBJECTIVE of the post-graduate specialist art course in small-scale sculpture and medal-marking is the development of creativity and artistic individuality, and the endorsement of innovativeness in the area of small-scale sculpting and medal-making as a distinct sculptural discipline, in line with criteria of excellence.

You can read more about this specialist course here (PDF document).