The Postgraduate Course leading to a Doctorate of Art (Sculpture) at the Academy of Fine Arts


The Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb was able from its foundation in 1907 to keep up with the imperatives of the time and is doing the same thing at the present time in the organisation of its departments of postgraduate doctoral courses.  For several decades (1922-1968), the Sculpture Department had a two year postgraduate study course supervised by the leading Croatian sculptors and teachers of sculpting – Ivan Meštrović, Antun Augustinčić and Fran Kršinić. These opportunities for further studies in the past certainly contributed to the high achievements made by Croatian sculpture.   In these facts lies the underpinning for the re-opening of the postgraduate art course in sculpture.

At the Sculpture Department, the postgraduate course leading to a doctorate of art provides the highest level of qualification in the whole of contemporary sculptural education, enabling  for the most gifted students both the mastery of new knowledge and skills and the further development of their creativity, perceptiveness and artistic individuality in the context of contemporary fine arts creativity. The course is conceived in terms of criteria of excellence, as a creative fusion of visual arts practice and theory, and is comparable with the curricula of the postgraduate schools in the fine arts academies inPoland,SlovakiaandSlovenia, which implies then a kinship with most of the other fine arts academies in the other countries of the EU.

The envisaged course provides for the incorporation of parts of our curriculum into the curricula of other universities, both inCroatiaand elsewhere.

You can read more about this post-graduate course here (PDF document).