Gostujuće predavanje prof. Kovač u Amsterdamu

U srijedu, 4. listopada, izv.prof.dr.sc. Leonida Kovač održati će gostujuće predavanje "Disenacting Transversals" na inozemnoj instituciji Amsterdam Institute for Humanities Research (AIHR), University of Amsterdam.

The lecture presents a segment of my research of the working title History as a Topic of Contemporary Art which focuses on procedures by which certain contemporary art practices undermine hegemonic discourses, including the discourse of academic discipline of art history and art criticism. Relying on Benjamin’s concept of image as articulated in his theses On the Concept of History, Deleuze’s elaboration of non-chronological time and Mieke Bal’s comprehension of a memory as a special kind of focalization, as an “act of ‘vision’ of the past, but as an act, situated in the present of a memory”, I am introducing a concept of disenactment. Disenactment is understood as a process that is performatively opposite to imaging or representation, but in their relationship imaging and disenactment do not exclude each other. Indeed, they occur simultaneously. Disenactment does away with the ability unambiguously to identify the visible scene: in the process of disenactment an immersion in the uncanny that is neither subject nor object occurs. To exemplify the agency of the disenacting transversals that relate on the first sight unrelated phenomena as well as mutually remote spaces and times I would offer my reading of works by two contemporary artists, Dorothy Cross and Mrđan Bajić, which on very different ways articulate the questions on the complex relations existing between the notions of image, time, body and materiality of medium.