Gosti studenti iz Besançona

Projekcija filma Je ne suis pas superstitieuse mais je crois aux signes i razgovor s autorima  u petak, 18. svibnja 2018., u 14.00 sati - Mala predavaonica ALU, Ilica 85.

Dvoje mladih umjetnika s ISBA Besançon, Alexandra Guffroy i Ronan Querrec govorit će o procesu nastanka filma Je ne suis pas superstitieuse mais je crois aux signes snimanog i na Akademiji likovnih umjetnosti u Zagrebu 2016. u sklopu njihovog umjetničko-istraživačkog projekta Simplon Express - Revenir à Zagreb. Gostovanje se realizira u sklopu projekta Ilica-Q’Art.

Alexandra Guffroy is a collector, researcher, storyteller and ideas exchanger working with varied mediums. To her being an artist is first of all to be an active member of the society and it’s by meeting new people that she always redefines what her role can be. The key to her work is "the others" and her art only exists through the duo and the collective she forms through her encounters. The essence of her practice is not so much in what is shown at a time T but more in her everyday life. “Art is what makes life more interesting than art” said Robert Filliou, it is according to this idea that she tries to keep art alive.

Born in an artificial city, in the suburbs of Paris, Alcéus Raàn (also known as Ronan Querrec) grew up in front of the television, along highways and in shopping malls. One day, while he is only 2 years old, Alcéus discovers that he lives only five minutes away from Euro Disneyland. To go there you have to drive along the back of the theme park. This glance of the backstage will be for him a real esthetic shock, more than the park in itself. The work of Alcéus Raàn leans on documentary research, looking for the secret narratives irrigating our collective imagination.