Paths/Staze predavanje i radionica na ALU

Predavanje PATHS vizualne umjetnice / slikarice ALBERTINE TRICHON održat će se u utorak 14. 5. 2019. u 15.00h u Kabinet Slikarskog odsjeka.

Također Vas obavještavam o održavanju Umjetničke radionice PATHS (15.5.-17.05.2019.) koja će se realizirati na Slikarskom odsjeku ALU.

Organizacija, ideja i vodstvo:

  • ALBERTINE TRICHON (vizualna umjetnica/ slikarica iz Pariza)

Mjesto održavanja: ALU Zagreb, Slikarski odsjek, Ilica 85

  • Predavanje PATHS vizualne umjetnice / slikarice ALBERTINE TRICHON u utorak 14.05.2019. u 15.00h u Kabinetu Slikarskog odsjeka.
  • Slava Raškaj 2.kat (predavaonica i radionica predmeta "Izrazi u slikarskim materijalima 1,2,3,4" / Slikarska tehnologija I, II, III): Umjetnička radionica PATHS (srijeda 15.05.-petak 17.05.2019. >> 14:30-16:30h)

Voditelji projekta:

  • Lucija Konda Labaš
  • akad.slik. Albertine Trichon
  • (as. Ivan Vanja Martinović)

Projekt PATHS održat će se pod vodstvom akad.slik. Albertine Trichon vizualne umjetnice/slikarice iz Pariza. Projekt se sastoji iz više cjelina: predavanja gostujuće umjetnice Albertine Trichon odnosno prezentacije vlastitog umjetničkog opusa, diskusije sa studentima te eksperimentalne umjetničke radionice odnosno edukacijske umjetničke prakse za studente Slikarskog odsjeka pod vodstvom akad.slik. Albertine Trichon i Lucie Labas.

The goal is to discover what is the relationship between image and painting. We offer you to work around three main themes: The Jungle, The Path and The Cityscape. You can reconcile or combine these three themes. What’s interesting is your approach and work on the theme: The path of your thoughts. What’s interesting  for me first is to go beyond any preconceived image and then return to the painting to reflect about it. That’s how we get new ideas. The work is that journey.

But to make the work more stimulating, I would like to propose a rule of play: You will have to create a constraint, and then painting by inventing a constraint. It’s necessary to know how to play with them, to turn them into an advantage and thus question the idea you had at the starting point and leaving your comfort zone. The goal is to be carried away by the gesture, the weight of the body, or the idea itself. In a way, it is a question of placing oneself between matter and idea. The constraints can be technical (a format, a limit, colors.) For example to be limited in your gestures (to paint with the opposite hand), in the duration (paint a work per day), in the choice of colors (using one or two colors) or any other theoretical constraint. Constraint becomes a momentary method of work to broaden and develop the imagination, to dodge obstacles. It may also be a technique to break a creative deadend, for example.

You'll have to paint at least one painting on the medium which you will have chosen, applying  the constraint that you will have given to yourself. During this workshop, we can  explore what is the singularity of the painting in a world full of computer-generated images.
What should I do with the image, how should I do they transform it into painting? Should I use photography, memory, drawing or direct observation? What degree of realism or abstraction? To what degree should painting be subsumed by images or photographs?

Albertine Trichon